What’s On The Menu After A Root Canal Surgery?

When you’ve just had root canal surgery, your dentist will most likely tell you to avoid food for at least 24 hours. This is because any kind of chewing can cause swelling or bleeding in the mouth and lead to more problems. But don’t worry! We’ve got lots of ideas for what you can eat after a root canal surgery that should taste great while still being easy on your body.

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What Is A Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal is a dental procedure that removes infected pulp from inside the tooth’s chamber. The dentist creates an opening in your tooth and cleans, treats, and seals the area to prevent the infection from spreading any further. The end result can be one healthy tooth.

Root canals are necessary when infections in the mouth don’t heal on their own or when signs and symptoms of pain, pressure, and sensitivity build up-much like with a cavity. If you’re suffering from tooth pain and have decayed teeth, you are a candidate for root canal surgery. Talk to your dentist right away to find out if it’s necessary for you!


What You Can Eat After A Root Canal Treatment?

After a root canal, it is recommended that you avoid food for a certain period to prevent swelling or further damage. It’s important to listen to your dentist and follow their instructions to get back on track with eating again as soon as possible – we’re here to help! Here are some things you can eat after a root canal.

Fruit Smoothies

One of the first things you can eat after a root canal treatment is smoothies. Smoothies provide you with fruit and water which are crucial for hydration and will help to flush out any root canal compounds that may still be in your mouth. You can use a blender or simply puree some fruit and drink it. Try not to chew the smoothie as this will cause damage to the recently treated tooth.


Oatmeal provides fiber which helps clean out the digestive tract and also reduces inflammation from any swelling in your mouth that’s been caused by the procedure. Once again, don’t chew this as it will damage the tooth-especially after a procedure like a root canal.


Soup is an excellent option to eat after a root canal treatment. It can ease your pain and it’s light enough that it won’t hurt your stomach, but it still provides the nutrients you need and will help you feel better faster.


Bananas are one of those foods that most people don’t really think about when they’re craving something sweet. Bananas offer great health benefits like potassium, fiber, and vitamin B6 which provide energy and strengthen your immune system. Bananas are great to eat after a root canal surgery because they’re easy to digest and won’t cause any pain while being digested!


Tofu is a great option for root canal patients because it is gentle on the mouth and throat while easy to chew. Tofu also helps to stop the erythema from coming back, which is common after root canal surgery.

Ice Cream

One of the items on the menu after root canal surgery is ice cream. While it might not seem like a nutritious food choice, it can actually help soothe your pain and toothache. This is because root canal surgeries often result in temporary teeth sensitivity or pain. The coolness and sweetness from the ice cream will numb your mouth and relieve any pressure or pain. Break out those vanilla wafers and eat to your heart’s content!


Foods To Avoid After Root Canal Surgery

For root canal patients, it is advisable to not eat any food that requires a lot of chewing. Avoid foods such as meat, corn on the cob, or broccoli. These can all cause problems for root canal patients because they require a lot of chewing in order to be consumed and they can cause swelling to occur. Deep-fried foods are also not advised after root canal surgery because the oils used in deep-frying may clog your root canal system.



It’s always important to listen to your dentist and follow their instructions. As you’re recovering from root canal surgery, it may be tough for a while but there are plenty of things that you can eat while following the post-surgery diet restrictions. If this article has helped answer any questions about what foods you should or shouldn’t have after root canal surgery, please share with those who might need some guidance too!